I can’t think of Cocoa Beach without linking the Ron Jon Surf Shop to it. When you get tired of lounging on a beach towel, splayed like bacon, frying your skin to a crispy shade of golden-red (I’m not a fan of flaking out), you can take an air-conditioned break in the Ron Jon shop. If you’ve never been, you’re in for a two-story all-things-beach treat. Anything beach-related, from surfboard rentals and sand pails to palm-tree paraphernalia and shack snacks—you’ll find it here. And if you visit Cocoa Beach in mid-March, be sure the check out the Ron Jon Beach ‘N Boards Fest: live music, every type of boarding to see, and a surf competition!

Swim suits, beach towels, hats, flip flops, sunglasses, speakers, body boards, surf boards, kayaks, sunscreen, bumper stickers, beach signs, mugs…..every conceivable clothing label remotely related to a carefree sunny way of life….hibiscus trinkets, sandy-bottomed shot glasses, dashboard tiki bobble-heads—imagine any conceivable tropical gewgaw and it’s for sale at Ron Jon Surf Shop. Two stories of extravagant BEACH STUFF. Definitely a place to visit. Try to exercise restraint because you could empty your wallet in an hour (which I don’t recommend!) But I do recommend checking it out. 🙂

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