Do you want to know what I like so much about Typhoon Lagoon that I bought an annual pass for the family even though we will only use it for one month? Well, for starters, it’s cheerful. It’s Disney, so the customer experience is top notch. And it only costs $99 for under 10 year olds and $110 (plus tax) for 10+ year olds per year. Since we will use the pass 20-25 times each, it only costs about $4-$5 each every time we go. Not bad for sunny days of full-on fun. Lastly, there is a ton to do and the atmosphere is very kitschy nautical (which I love):


Our cousins joined us one day. We buried one of them in the sand:


We found some cool/scary finds:



And I finally did it. The Humunga Kowabunga! I crossed my arms and legs and closed my eyes and let go of the metal bar at the top of one of Typhoon Lagoon’s three near-vertical, 5-story-drop water slides. In the dark. Seconds later, pushing a rooster-tail of water in front of me, I was a human projectile slowing down in the last horizontal stretch. Swim suit was still on and magically the pieces of it were where they were supposed to be. So…. I did it again. :)


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