Magic Kingdom was so busy, it felt like we were carving paths with our stroller. What to do when wait times for rides are 1-3 hours? Well, “A Pirate’s Adventure” of course! On the far side of Adventure Land stands a not-well-known shack. You would miss it if your husband hadn’t researched it beforehand. Inside, you place your Disney card where X marks the spot. A thunderous pirate voice tells you which map you will need and what symbol starts your adventure. From there you walk all over Adventure Land (where you might see Jack Sparrow) looking for your next clue. When you find it, you place your talisman (your card) on the item to make a new symbol glow and listen for your next clue…where maybe a pirate pops out of the water and says, “Place your talisman against Calypso’s crab claw so that ye may light the fire!” We did 2 of 5 adventures. We will go back for more. As an added bonus, the maps are beautiful keepsakes.



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