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We went to visit friends in Clearwater Beach earlier this week. While we were there, I got a blue Lokai bracelet. Why did I buy this bracelet? Five reasons: #1. I like bracelets. #2. It was pretty. #3. It is made from some pretty cool materials. #4. It has a good story behind it. #5. Buying it helps people in an important and good way.

The Story of the Lokai Bracelet

The name “lokai” comes from the Hawaiian word Lokahi which means “unity” and “to blend opposites.” The Lokai bracelet is made out of water. It has one white bead and one black bead. The white bead has water inside of it from Mount Everest, the highest point on earth. The black bead has mud inside of it from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. One high bead, one low bead.


everest lokai

Sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. When you are on top, it is important to stay humble. When you’re sad, it’s important to stay hopeful. All of the beads in between the black and white beads represent your path between these two things. The in-between is your story, your balance. Easier said than done, but having a reminder on your wrist helps to remind you.

deadsea lokai
Now, most of the Lokai bracelets had clear beads in between. But my bracelet has blue beads. Why? Because it was made to honour World Water Day on March 22nd. Every time a blue Lokai is purchased, $3 from every bracelet goes to This charity works very hard to provide clean water to the 748 million people around the globe who live without access to clean drinking water. Bringing balance to the world! So my bracelet reminds me to keep a balance in my life every day and it also helps to fund clean water projects.





The clear lokai bracelets donate 10% of every purchase toward a number a charities, including Pencils of Promise (PoP), a wonderful organization that brings life-changing education to children around the world by building quality schools and sustainable education programs.




I feel pretty good about wearing my bracelet. If you want to learn more about Lokai, visit their website at, or check them out on facebook, instagram or twitter @livelokai  @charitywater  #livelokai.


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