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You can get sun anywhere in Florida, but it’s hard to beat getting it at Typhoon Lagoon. The beach music surfs into your ears as soon as you walk through the tiki huts at the front gate. The palm trees sway, and there are thousands of pounds of nuclear white sand everywhere. Snack huts with names like Low tide Lou’s and Typhoon Tilly’s dot the pathways, tempting you to buy a sugar coma in paradise


A lazy river scoots around the park and it kept me and my four-year-old in smile-mode for over an hour. There are steep, terrifying slides next to long, windy slides, next to slides with rafts, next to cute little slides for tikes. Next to sharks. Yep! There’s a real, live salt water shark tank you can swim in called “The Shark Reef!” There are lots of neon fish and cool barnacles you can see while swimming in the big aquarium, but mostly it was about the sharks. Update: Shark Reef closed in 2017, replaced by “Misadventures.” I’ll post about Misadventures once we try it out!


My daughters spent a whack of time in the 2.5-acre wave pool with waves that reach six feet high and come crashing out of a manmade mountain (with a shipwreck at its peak) like a tsunami. There are enough things to do here to keep us busy for weeks… which is what we plan to do. We are here for a month so we got an annual pass! That means we don’t have to arrive with the crowd before open (at 10am) and stay until our skin is like bacon. But we will spend A LOT of time soaking in the sun (after careful application and re-application of SPF 1000), taking in the thatched roofs, tropical trees, and nautical tchotchkes tactically placed as if they really did wash up on shore. There will be no boring moments during March!

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