Typhoon Lagoon. Hands down.


I took approximately 100 photos while at Typhoon Lagoon. I’m posting only one here because we are packing up to drive home. I’ll update this later with one of my photo gallery collages. But if you’ve never been to Typhoon Lagoon, it is awesome! Surfer music playing in the background, weathered wood shacks with rusted corrugated tin roofs, sand for miles, palm trees, more water park slides and rides than you think could fit in that space, including George’s favourite, “Crushin’ Gusher.” The thundering wave pool is the central attraction at the foot of the famous typhoon-plucked ship on the top of the mountain. Grey liked Katchakidee Kreek and the lazy river. Evie’s favourite was the super-fast storm slides. My favourite thing was the hot sun. And the smell of coconut in the air. 🙂 Now, home to snow. Gotta go! See all of you soon…

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